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Dr. Andrew Lipton | Narberth Family Medicine

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Dr. Andrew Lipton | Narberth Family Medicine

This website is here to educate and inform the public about Dr. Andrew Lipton dba Narberth Family Medicine who likes to battle 100% legitimate online reviews by attempting to remove & silence them, as well as post fake positive reviews and is engaged in a massive online review fraud scheme to inflate his review reputation.

Dr. Andrew Lipton | Narberth Family Medicine

Doctor’s Info

Name: Dr. Andrew Lipton

Practice Name: Narberth Family Medicine

Phone Number: 610-667-4601

Location: Narbeth PA

Website: www.drandrewlipton.com

About Dr. Andrew Lipton’s Attempt To Silence Me

This website outlines my personal experience with Dr. Andrew Lipton dba Narberth Family Medicine, and his attempts at silencing my 100% authentic honest review, and how he is using fake reviews to inflate his online reputation.  I had a bad experience because Dr. Andrew Lipton recommended IV treatments for my chronic fatigue but he never reviewed my labwork prior to treatment. After both IV treatments failed, he finally reviewed my bloodwork and admitted it wouldn’t of been beneficial.  He refused to give me a refund.  I wrote an honest critique about it on his Yelp, Google, & Healthgrades profiles, and he systematically removed almost all of them.  Upon further investigation I have uncovered a plethora of fake reviews he has submitted to his practice.  This website exposes his attempts at silencing me, and how he is engaged in a massive online review fraud to enhance his business Narberth Family Medicine.

My Experience With Dr. Andrew Lipton

In June of 2019 I was referred to Dr. Andrew Lipton of Narberth Family Medicine by my ayurvedic doctor who said Dr. Andrew Lipton can help treat my chronic fatigue. I contacted Andrew Lipton first through e-mail, and I explained to him my symptoms. Andrew Lipton said that IV therapy would be beneficial for me. I wanted to e-mail him my recent bloodwork and labs but he said I should book a consultation first, and that it wouldn’t be with him but with one of his other associates. So I e-mailed all of my bloodwork and labs prior to my appointment.

To my surprise, when I got there, they didn’t review any of the bloodwork that I had sent over and confirmed that the front desk had received prior. So I had to explain everything all over again to them about my symptoms and chronic fatigue. They recommended I try the IV therapy treatment that his office has. So in July I booked IV peroxide therapy and Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation therapy (UBI) . I did both in the same week.

After both treatments, I felt nothing. Not the day during or days after the treatments did I feel any difference in my energy levels or any reduction in my chronic fatigue. I then e-mailed Andrew Lipton to tell him that nothing had changed and I also emailed him a recent copy of my labs. He finally reviewed my labwork and told me that the treatments didn’t do anything because I have too much malabsorption issues from my weight loss surgery. So the question is why didn’t he say this from the beginning when I sent over my labs with my original consultation?

He never reviewed what I sent over prior to treatment.  When I got to the appointment my labs were never reviewed.  And then both Dr. Andrew Lipton and Alan (his associate) recommended I try the IV treatments. I then waste over $400 on the IV treatments and then does Andrew Lipton FINALLY review my bloodwork and tell me that these IV treatments wouldn’t work for me.  I asked Andrew Lipton to refund me the money I spent on the two useless IV treatments.  He was the one who recommended I do the treatments in the first place.  But he, nor his associate Alan ever reviewed my bloodwork prior to both treatments. This is completely unacceptable.

Then Dr. Andrew Lipton has the nerve to tell me he doesn’t give refunds and instead is offering me a free nutritional and herb consultation. Well I don’t need a free herb or nutritional consultation because I already see an ayurvedic doctor who helps me with that and he knows more about herbs than Andrew Lipton ever would. There is nothing he can provide to make it up to me except giving me a full refund. It was totally his fault for not doing due diligence as any doctor would. But he didn’t. Instead he knowingly pushed me off to some other doctor in his office, who didn’t review my labs whatsoever, and then recommended treatments without reviewing my prior labwork before recommending a treatment.

So after I’ve had this horrible experience I submitted the above review to Dr. Andrew Lipton’s Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Healthgrades profiles. Within a week I saw my Healthgrades review get removed (meaning Dr. Andrew Lipton) flagged it because it contained the word “unethical” in it.  I reached out to Healthgrades and they confirmed with me that they did indeed flag and remove the review because I had the word “unethical” in it. They told me to simply submit it again without that word in it. Then I noticed my Yelp review was being removed.  Dr. Andrew Lipton complained to Yelp. The reason they removed that one was because I submitted two of them. He has two Yelp profiles. One for Andrew Lipton and one for Narberth Family Medicine (he is a profile spammer). So I removed one of them and as of today my one Yelp review is still online.  (Guess he couldn’t take that one down…yet).

Finally, Dr. Andrew Lipton also complained to Google, and got both of my reviews removed. Again he has two profiles (he is a profile spammer), one for Narberth Family Medicine and one for Andrew Lipton. I guess I will simply re-submit those reviews and make sure the word “unethical” isn’t in there. Then he would have no basis to get the reviews removed in the first place.  Finally if you search for “holistic doctor” or honestly any type of doctor for that matter into Google. You will notice in the Google maps results pages that 9 out of 10 doctors only have between 2-5 ratings or reviews. It’s really strange that Narberth Family Medicine pops out with 30 positive reviews while every other doctor only has a few such reviews.  There aren’t that many people who review their doctors.  (see screenshot below)  This just proves that Andrew Lipton is gaming the system at the expense of others. It’s online review fraud and it’s not fair to other legitimate doctors out there who are not buying fake reviews to increase their Google maps rankings and inflating themselves with a false reputation.

Timeline Of Events

First Contact

Through E-mail

June 2019

This is when I originally contacted Dr. Andrew Lipton of Narberth Family Medicine for a consultation.  He recommended through e-mail that I try IV treatments. (see screenshots below).



June 14

I went to my first visit consultation by one of his associates “Alan” on June 14th.  I e-mailed all of my bloodwork prior to my appointment but it was never reviewed, even though the office confirmed they had received it.  The doctor told me he never reviewed my labs beforehand so I explained to him my symptoms.  He also recommended I try IV treatments.

IV Treatments

At His Office

July 9th and 11th

On July 9th and July 11 I did the IV treatments.  In the days that followed, I felt no difference from it. I emailed Dr. Andrew Lipton about it a week later and told him so, and I also sent him a copy of my labwork.  It’s then he finally reviewed my labwork and tells me that the IV treatments may not work.  He tells me this AFTER I spent over $400 on IV treatments.  He refuses to give me a refund. (see screenshots below).

Dr. Andrew Lipton Removing My Reviews

Him Silencing Me

July and August 2019

I submit reviews to Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Andrew Lipton’s Healthgrades profiles about my experience.  He was able to get one of the Yelp reviews removed (he has multiple profiles), as well as the Google reviews removed. He was also able to remove the Healthgrades review because it contained the word “unethical” in it.

Andrew Lipton Silencing My Reviews

My Healthgrades Review

My Heathgrades Review

He Flagged My Review


Flagged Because Of One Word


My Yelp Review

My Yelp Review

He Kept Flagging It

He Flagged It

Andrew Lipton's Review Fraud Exposed

Real or Fake Reviews

Online review fraud is a big problem these days.  For example, according to a study in The Washington Post, 61 percent of Amazon reviews are fake.  That’s a huge number.  And review fraud is even higher when looking at local services such as doctors and lawyers.  I have analyzed Andrew Lipton’s profiles on Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades, and can confirm that he is indeed buying fake reviews to inflate his online reputation.  Let’s investigate these reviews further by using an online fraud review analyzer called ReviewSkeptic.com. Review Skeptic is based on research at Cornell University that uses machine learning to identify fake reviews with nearly 90% accuracy.

So I analyzed reviews with at least one paragraph long (one or few word reviews are impossible to analyze) and I took them from his Yelp profile.  On Dr. Andrew Lipton’s Narberth Family Medicine Yelp profile he has a total of 19 reviews.  14 of which were filtered by Yelp.  Why would they be filtered? They all failed because they were deemed “Deceptive” according to ReviewSkeptic.com. See some screenshots below that shows them being “deceptive”.  This is very alarming as it proves that 75% of his Yelp reviews are indeed fake.

Next I analyzed a random sampling of his 30 reviews from his Narbeth Family Medicine Google profile and according to ReviewSkeptic.com 8 of them were “Deceptive”. This may not seem like a large percentage but that tool can only correctly analyze content that’s at least a paragraph long.  The majority of his Google reviews are a few words or a sentence long which is impossible to analyze.  However if you take out all of those two or three word reviews out. The percentage of fake reviews detected by ReviewSkeptic.com would rise to at least 70%. Similar to the percentage filtered out by Yelp.

Google unfortunately doesn’t have very good fraud filters in place like Yelp. So when you are looking at Google reviews, you should always be skeptical of reviews written in the same day or days apart after you see a negative review. You should also be skeptical of reviews written by users who visit random places around the country, because that’s not normal, or natural to all of a sudden see a review for a doctor in Narberth, when all their other reviews are in a different city.

ReviewSkeptic Yelp Review Analysis 1 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Yelp Review Analysis 2 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Google Review 1 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Google Review 2 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Google Review 3 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Google Review 4 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Google Review 5 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Google Review 6 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

ReviewSkeptic Google Review 7 “Deceptive”

ReviewSkeptic Analysis

Google Reviewer Profile 1

Google Profile

Google review by a user with no prior reviews.

Google Reviewer Profile 2

Google Profile

Google review by a user with reviews only from Florida than magically transports to Narberth to see Andrew Lipton then they write a review.

Google Reviewer Profile 3

Google Profile

Google review by a user with no prior reviews.

Google Reviewer Profile 4

Google Profile

Google review by a user who submitted it days right after my negative review.

Google Reviewer Profile 5

Google Profile

Google review by a user with submitted it a day after my negative review.

Google Reviewer Profile 6

Google Profile

Google review by a user with no prior reviews.

Google Reviewer Profile 7

Google Profile

Google review by a user with no prior reviews.

Google Maps Search

Google Map Search

A Google Maps search for holistic doctor shows most doctors only have between 3-6 reviews on average but Narberth Family Medicine has garnered 30. That’s not normal, or natural.

Upon Further Investigation

Upon Further Investigation

Andrew Lipton is submitting fake Google, Healthgrades, & fake Yelp reviews.  Within one week when my negative review was added to his Yelp and Google profiles for Narberth Family Medicine (July 2019) All of a sudden positive reviews started coming in. They come in from people who either have zero reviews prior, or according to their profile, the prior review was written from across the country. These are obviously not real.  Someone from San Francisco for example, isn’t going to just all of a sudden write a review for some random doctor across the country.  That’s blatant fraud.  Just look at some of the reviews and you will notice a lot of them are submitted on similar dates and times.

His Google Profile

Andrew Lipton Google Profile

His Andrew Lipton Google profile has 15 positive reviews all from May 2019. That is statistically impossible.  If you look at some of the reviews. Most of them had zero prior reviews. All of these people just “popped up” and came up out of the woodwork three months ago to write glowing reviews.

His Other Google Profile

Narberth Family Medicine

On His Narberth Family Medicine profile, he has a dozen reviews submitted in the last 5 months, more than 5 of them on the same month.  This is not normal, nor natural.

His Healthgrades Profile

Healthgrades Reviews

On His Healthgrades profile he has 4 reviews on a single day, and another 3 reviews submitted within 3 days.  This is obvious blatant online review fraud, plain and simple.

Fake Yelp Reviews

Yelp Fake Reviews

These reviews were all “filtered” on Yelp which means they were all deceptive or submitted by someone who is trying to game the review system. 75% of Andrew Lipton’s Yelp reviews were filtered which means 75% are fake.

Fake Facebook Review

Facebook Review

Practically within minutes of my negative review on his Facebook profile, all of sudden a positive review pops out of nowhere. The coincidence!

Another Fake Review

Fake Review

A review done by someone within days of my negative review from someone across the country and no prior reviews. Obviously fake.

His Family Writing Positive Reviews

Jane Lipton LOL

A positive review submitted by Jane Lipton.  I kid you not. The doctor has his whole family involved in writing fake positive reviews.

More Negative Reviews

Others have also submitted negative reviews against Dr. Andrew Lipton as well. And who really knows how much more there are out there that he “silenced” and got removed like mine.

Negative Review

Vitals Negative Review

Negative Review

Vitals Negative Review

Negative Review

Negative Google Review

Negative Review

Google Negative Review

Negative Review

Google Negative Review

Why Companies Buy Fake Reviews

Companies of all sizes are buying fake reviews to inflate their online reputation.  There are many websites where small businesses can purchase fake reviews. Click here, or here for an example. The reason anyone can do this for their business is because there is very little enforcement from Google or Yelp, or others.  Google has some of the worst fraud filters in the industry.  Read this article to learn how bad Google is at detecting fake reviews. They are not nearly doing enough to combat online review fraud.

Customer Reviews

Buying Reviews Is Illegal

According to the Federal Trade Commision (FTC), it is illegal to endorse someone to write a fake review. The FTC reserves the right to impose dramatic fines, take legal action against or even shut down any business violating the “Rules Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Any review that is “false or unsubstantiated,” “deceptive,” or contains “undisclosed connections” is illegal under these provisions.

This isn’t just an issue of ethics (though it is that, too). Though this should go without saying, if your goal is to succeed in business, you need to follow the law.

How To Detect Fake Reviews

There are many ways a consumer can spoke fake reviews before doing business with a company.  When you look at their online business profiles on Google or Yelp, there are many ways you can tell if a review is fake or not. Here are common red flags.

  • Multiple reviews submitted within days of a negative review
  • Reviews with little to no content
  • Reviews from users across the country or globe.  Click on their profiles and see where their other reviews are coming from
  • Reviews from users with no other reviews.  Always a red flag.
  • You can also copy and past their reviews into ReviewSkeptic.com to see if it’s deceptive or not.
  • Companies with a large amount of reviews, while others in their industry have 1/10th the amount of reviews.
  • Reviews written by family members

You can more about fake review fraud on this BrightLocal article.

Final Conclusion

Dr. Andrew Lipton | Narberth Family Medicine

I learned my lesson to never go through with any treatment unless you have confirmed that the doctor you are seeing has reviewed your labwork prior.  Dr. Andrew Lipton failed to do that, and recommended treatment to me without reviewing my bloodwork.  I would also urge caution when seeing a new doctor if you see a blatant attempt by them to game their SEO and inflate their own reputation by submitting fake reviews to their online profiles which Andrew Lipton has been doing all year long (and most likely longer than that) and this website proves that.  He is obviously paying someone to submit them, and that’s a real shame a doctor these days has to resort to online review fraud just to acquire new patients.  What does that tell you about their practice? I will let YOU decide. This website is just presenting all the FACTS, and you can come to your own conclusions.

Take Action

Have YOU Been Silenced By Andrew Lipton dba Narberth Family Medicine?

Take Action!

File an online complaint against him to The PA Medical Board. It’s free and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Please use the form here to contact me if you’ve also been silenced by Dr. Andrew Lipton d/b/a Narberth Family Medicine and have a legitimate complaint or review against him that he got removed or silenced.  I want to share all of our experiences on this site.


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